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IL Foster Closet

Together we help our most vulnerable rise
The reality is that the majority of the children who come into foster care arrive with little to nothing.

Together, we provide a sense of worth, excitement,  and can ease the process of entering foster care. The little things mean so much.

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Who we are

IL Foster Closet, NFP is a non-profit organization 501(c)3.  We are a group of foster parents and friends who have come together to support each other and ease the stress on children who come into the Illinois Foster care system. With the help of generous donors we are able to provide foster families with necessities needed to help the children flourish in their homes. 

3 ways you can help 

Donate funds

This is our biggest need. We want to grow and have a physical space where foster children can enter a fantastic world and pick anything they want. Clothes, toys, a bag to carry it all in. 

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Donate tangible items

We don't charge anyone for anything. We are all about answering the call as foster families welcome children into their family. Not as easy as it sounds. Let's make foster children welcome by providing the family with new clean clothing, books and toys for each and every child.

We are duct tape and spit; people who rise to the challenge. We will positively affect children as they go through the foster care system. You can help us promote, sort, launder, help us find sponsors, digitally market. Whatever your strength is, we need it. Connect with us.


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